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Customer Testimonials

Just letting you know your snacks worked wonders on Saturday night. My horse was beside himself with the fireworks going off but it was amazing how distracted he was when he got a whiff of those snacks!! He loves them! My farrier was here thismorning so I passed some of the samples to him and my friends. I'm sure they will be a huge hit. I will certainly be a repeat customer! Thanks so much and good luck!     Donna

IF there WAS A LOVE button I would push it, ALL my horses love your treats, Strawberry couldn't get enough and was like a dog, we love them, they are great, smell great, and are all natural so no more sugar cubes for my guys. U are the best.    Jasmine

Well the snacks lasted all of 5 seconds and the bag stolen and the contents thrown all over the paddock while the horses hunted for more of the snacks in the grass, so definately horse and pony approved!! There like catnip for horses!    Redsalsa

Just to let you know the kids brought 2 types of horse treats for the horses at the riding school for xmas and we have 5 massive buckets of yours and they will only eat your ones, we had to throw the other brand away, cool aye, Big Red's didnt last long they munched them down for christmas hehe.   Steph

My very fussy horse who only eats Carrots and 'sometimes' Apples, absolutely LOVES your products!!! :)   Alannah

I unpacked all my HOY goodies last night and left my 2 big containers of snacks and noodle box on the back of the truck while I was fluffing around...didnt think to much of it until I heard a thump and a ripping sound. My mare had pulled the containers on to the ground and was pawing at them to get them open. She had eaten about half of them before I got to her LOL. I think she approves.   Tamara

These are soooo GREAT!! I got a mixed bag from HOY and all our ponys love them, and my pony that we couldnt get to eat out of our hands now is looking for her treats in our hands.

So thank you Big Reds Stable Snacks!!! :)   Reece

Thanks for the treats Big Red our horse loves them, heres a funny story for you, we put the container down and went for a ride and when we returned the naughty calfs had eaten the whole container, lucky we have 2 for Angel.  Andrea

Ooooooo my mare absolutly loves Big Reds Stable Snacks she tried them for the first time 2 weeks ago and LOVES them.  Dale

For the past year I have struggled to find a treat besides a carrot or apple that my mare was happy to eat. A friend suggested I try Big Reds and I'd just like to say how impressed I am with them! After her first biscuit she was searching through my pockets for the rest of them and I swear she has been super well behaved lately to get more of them! Its great to have a horse treat thats easy to store in your pockets without making a mess and for something to snack on yourself if alittle peckish.  Crystal

Thanks so much for the treats! They are great! My horses love them, even my FUSSY racehorses. Megan

My ponies ABSOLUTELY adore your treats got 2 samples from HOY. Thanks so much LOVE your products recommened to all!!! Ashleigh

I LOVE your treats my ponies adore them, best treats ever!!!! Adi

Big Red!! I brought some of your Big Reds Stable Snacks and my horse is insane over them! Definitly getting more. Becka

My Gusy loves them brought my first bucket at Horseland Te Rapa a couple of weeks ago after hearing RAVE reviews, Gus is now raving about them. Paula

OMG my horses go NUTS over these. Jasmine

Picked up a mixed bag of these at HOY and they work GREAT for trick training my surprisingly fussy little piglet, without leaking juice and excessive crumbs all through my pockets! Jen

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