racing name   (Red Oasis)
25/11/1998 22 yrs
first trial 7/5/2002
last race21/1/2004
8 starts TO SLOW
best results 1x2nd,1x3rd in a qualifier

This is our wonderful Red Oasis, he is a huge 17.1hh off the track racehorse.
Big Red or Reddy as we call him at home, has been part of our life for over 13yrs now, he is a very special part of our life and of all that have met him and those whom know him.
He is a kind, cuddly, incredibly beautiful big boy, in his life he has been a race horse, an eventor, a show horse, an equine model and poster boy, a ribbon day horse and now a very well known brand name, and FAMOUS in NZ

He loves to go out for trips and we are hoping to get him out to meet more people at events.

These biscuits were originally baked for him as I could not buy any in the stores that he liked, hense now they are known as Big Red's Stable Snacks of course. 

And our company is called Oasis Equine ltd after his racing name.

We hope to meet you all out at shows this season, come and say hello to Big Red and sign his visitors book.
Bye for now